Summer Basics Collections(Finally)

I have been working on this for a month, I was actually done with the collection two weeks ago but then the update corrupted all of my meshes. and now i can not use MD5 to say the least this was very time consuming. But, thanks to frankenmeshing and my crazy determination to finish this. I give you The Summer Basics Collection the colors are centered around the Kore Swimsuit

  • There are 7 pieces : 3 Tops, 3 Bottoms and a dress, I wanted everything to have the ability to mix and match
  • There are 15 basic colors, some pieces are Tie dyed printed, Stripped and Ombre
  • Added LOD’s
  • Should be base game compatible (not sure only because I did use non base game clothing in meshing but saved altered mesh on nude body so it should work in base game)






#808 sims

#RemusSirion (have all skin overlays)







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