Seasons: Braided Puff Recolor

I LOVE this hair in seasons but, I wanted it in a darker black so I re-textured and recolored the hair. The hair comes in in 7 natural colors and is for children.

Also I recolored the rubber bands and made them an accessory that can be found in head accessories. The Sims™ 4 6_23_2018 6_41_19 PM

There are a total of 51 colors of rubber bands that are in two different packs:

V1: Comes in 30 colors, I used @srslysims “Recolor the World” action palette and S4S palette presets.


V2: Comes in 21 colors, I used @pleyita “Summer Clarity.” palette.

Hair is also still hat compatible and rubber bans show under hat!

06-23-18_4-37-47 PM

  • Children only
  • Seasons is needed
  • Hair in every category




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